Electric Mosquito insect killer EMK-01U


USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Photocatalyst Flycatcher Zapper with 6 LED Night Light Insect Fly Pest Killing

Product Description:
1. Physical principles
1. Using special led light to attract mosquitoes
2. Through a powerful fan suction the mosquitoes into the mosquito box, then mosquitoes will death because of air dried .

2. Applicability
It can be widely used in crop farming, livestock breeding industry, schools, hospitals, parks, urban greening, garden villas.

3. Advantage
These product series can efficiently trap and kill more than 30 kinds of harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, armyworms, moths, pine sawyer beetles, beetles,mole crickets, locusts, white-winged, and flying ants


USB mosquito killer lamp
1. voltage:5V,USB cable input.220V/5V.
2. power:2W
3. effect area:20SQM(square meter)
4. 6pcs purple Leds+ fan
5. size:160*200mm(H)6:NW:0.55kg